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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Google Confirms Banning Traffic Power and Clients

AdSense publishers are required to comply with Google's webmaster guidlines which state, in part, "Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings. A good rule of thumb is whether you'd feel comfortable explaining what you've done to a website that competes with you. Another useful test is to ask, 'Does this help my users? Would I do this if search engines didn't exist?'"

Matt Cutts reveals the possible consequences for violating that guidline in his blog.

"For this post, I am speaking in my official capacity as head of the webspam group at Google, and I’ve had this post reviewed by Google’s lawyers.


I can confirm that Google has removed and domains promoted by Traffic Power from our index because of search engine optimization techniques that violated our webmaster guidelines at If you are a client or former client of Traffic Power and your site is not in Google, please see my previous advice on requesting reinclusion into Google’s index to learn what steps to take if you would like to be reincluded in Google’s index."

YPN to Shorten Revenue Time and Increase Relevance

"Ray Devlin, Customer Solutions, Yahoo! Publisher Network says:

'There are new developments on the horizon for the Yahoo! Publisher Network. Points such as shortening the revenue verification period and increased relevance are ongoing improvements. Our publishers have also requested such additions as direct deposit as a form of payment. While we hope to have this available soon, there has been no release date indicated for this.'"

Saturday, February 11, 2006

You Too Can Be Banned From AdSense

Been banned from Google AdSense and don't understand why? There is hope. Read this article and follow the step by step procedure for having your account re-instated.

"...I thought I would address the issue from both an analytical and personal standpoint. To debunk some of the myths going around that people are banned for no reason and even more to the point that these bannings of accounts (more of a suspension really) are completely and easily reversible provided there has been no violation of the Google Terms of Service."

Friday, February 10, 2006

Inside AdSense: The experimental approach

An AdSense insider offers a peek at the Google AdSense process.

"One of our responsibilities on the AdSense engineering team is to ensure that you always receive the most relevant and valuable ads on your site. It's exciting because we deal with the entire ad targeting process from analyzing your site's content to selecting ads and determining how to best display the ads on your page. "

'Hints' on Google Hints

This subject was popular a couple of years ago and it is recieving attention again. An undocumented AdSense variable, google_hints, can be used to add a comma delimited list of keywords to your AdSense code which will offer 'hints' to Google about what ads should be displayed.

Sounds great. Why isn't everyone doing this? Because it is by invitation only. Adding this variable to your AdSense code is a violation of Google's terms of service and can result in having your AdSense account locked, or you could be banned from the program. Hardly worth the risk.

So, read all you like about google_hints, but be suspicious of any source of information that suggests you implement it!

Estimated $1 Billion Earned From Google AdSense in 2005

"There is a new report ContentBiz, a MarketingSherpa publication, that estimates online publishers who placed Google's AdSense contextual ads on their sites made about $1 billion last year."

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ad Rank explained!

"Ever wonder what determines the order in which ads appear on your site? Then you've wondered about the Google AdWords ad ranking system. AdWords is the advertising platform thousands of advertisers use to place their ads on the Google network. Once an ad is in the AdWords system, it competes against other ads to appear on relevant pages in the AdSense network. It's through this real-time dynamic auction system that ads are ranked. Those ads with the highest Ad Rank at any given moment are displayed on your site."