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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some Internet Explorer 7 Breaks AdSense

Nathan Weinberg is staying on top of this story on his blog Inside Google:

"UPDATE: I?m also seeing those ad links within articles, the ones that hotlink random words to useless ads, not working in IE7. Example on this page.

UPDATE: According to Robert Scoble in the comments below:

This is NOT intentional behavior. The IE 7 team is working on this as we speak.
Remember, this isn?t even a full beta. It?s an inbetween test release so that we
can find things like this that don?t work right.

I also received an email from Google PR, and they said:

I wanted to clarify your recent post that I think may be based on some incorrect
information. IE7 disables javascript with the security setting on ?high?, which
would not allow AdSense ads to show along with numerous features of most
websites. IE6 works exactly the same and the phenomenon is definitely not
specific to Google AdSense. It is likely that whomever did the test had their
security setting on ?high?. However, this is not the default setting and we
believe most users would not have a good experience on the web having javascript

Of course, my IE7 settings were not set to high, but medium-high..."


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